Facial Therapies

We recommend a facial every 3-4 weeks for maintenance and every 2 weeks if working to balance a skin condition.

All first time facial clients will start with a consultation which will be applied towards the cost of your first facial.  $40

Our treatments for the face provide the answer to any need, correcting imbalance while always respecting the delicate structure of the skin.

Essential Nurture Facial

The full customized facial using professional products to deliver specific results for your best skin.
Includes:  cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, masque, hand, arm and shoulder massage, moisturizer and sunblock.
time: 60 minutes
price: $100
when: monthly
Peaceful balance harmonized with glowing skin is the result of exquisite essential oils and calming botanical elements

Sensitive Skin Calming Facial Safe on the most sensitive of skin and will help balance and strength you skin.  You will notice less sensitive and healthier skin. Desensitizes, strengthens, and eliminates redness, leaving the skin refreshed, protected and nourished.

Hydrating Facial Deeply hydrating ingredients combined with essential anti-oxidants provide silky texture with exceptional softness – skin moisture balance is perfectly restored
Brightening Facial  Brightening extracts such as bearberry and licorice, and a gentle form of kojic acid blend to bring light and life to the skin.

Acne Facial benefit of the natural abilities of algae and clay to gently exfoliate, reduce impurities and balance acne type of skin

Anti-age Facial  exceptional results from the combined intensity of alpha-hydroxy acids and pure collagen glorious luminous skin with instant vitality, youthfulness and satiny texture

 Express Facial Treatments $40 for 30 minutes
• Flash exfoliation / resurface, smooth, brighten
• Eye rescue / brighten, firm, revitalize
• Lip renewal / smooth your smile
• Blackhead relief / clear and prevent breakouts
• Rapid spot clearing / speedy breakout recovery
• Hand repair / heal rough hands
• Men’s skin fitness / make shave problems history


Refresh Facial

30 Minutes $50 for when you need a beautiful GLOW !

Customized Facial

60 minutes customized to your skin this month because it constantly is changing with season, hormones,, stress levels, travel, nutrition and everything else that is currently going on in our lives.  $100

 Our Best of the Best Super Duper Deluxe Facial

80 minutes that includes high performance customized active mask and 30 minutes of additional massage.  Guaranteed to leave you feeling like you found your soul-mate.  You will float out of the treatment room.  $150

The Core Thermal Back Treatment
Experience our Thermal Stamp, a unique relaxing and skin nourishing therapy inspired by the practices of 14th century
Thai therapy, coupled with cleansing, extractions and a back massage.

Touch therapies: extra attention where you need it most

  • thermal stamp/back
  • stress relief/back
  • aroma-point/face
  • deep tissue/face and shoulder
  • reflex point/feet
  • nap time/all over