Welcome to beautiful!  We are a like minded family of artist.  We put our heart and soul into every beauty and wellness experience we give the guest at The Beauty Spot Modern Boutique Spa and Salon.  We are dedicated to remaining passionate to our career in healing arts and the beauty industry.  The Beauty Spot Boutique Spa and Salon is located just off the beaten path, exactly where we like to be, in the charming College Park Community of Downtown Orlando Florida.  You will feel right at home and part of the family as you enjoy nurturing massage, facial, and nail therapies customized to how you want to feel.  We use Vegan, Organic Certified, and sustainable product lines that are Eco-friendly and follow fair trade practice.  We love our planet, we love our team, and even though we may not know you yet……..we love you already.  We know that what we put in and on our bodies greatly effects our health and The Beauty Spot team promises to be mindful of this in every experience we deliver.  Thank you for trusting us for all your health and beauty needs.  We look forward to meeting you, come in soon; things are beautiful here!





  • Nurture Night

    Once a month Event for Community Connection. Live soulful music, spa service, light food and beverage, live art and other teachers, and wellness topics and live workshops.
  • News

    We are so proud to announce our latest and greatest addition to The Beauty Spot Headquarters. We will launch FULL MEDIA office and production studio. Get your Beauty and Wellness TV on! Send a message to media@beautyspotinc.com if you would like to be considered for a feature!
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